Garmin 18xHD

GMR 18 xHD  $1,380
4 kW high-definition 18" dome radar Step up to xHD performance in a radome
Dynamic new shape for improved look and antenna performance No complex user settings, easy to install and start using New Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter continually adjust to your surroundings to provide optimal performance in varying conditions

Furuno 1935-10-inch-Radar-with-open-Array-A

Furuno 1835

Radar, 10" Color, 36nm, 4kW 24” Dome  $4095 

1835 Radar 10" color LCD, 24" Radome 4kW transmitter, 36nm, 3.9 deg horizontal beamwidth. Features guard zone, zoom, VRM, EBL, echo trails, and Nav data display. Optional target plotter and AIS. Includes 15M cable.

raymarine pack-axiom-9-and-quantum-radar-plus-cable-10-m

Simrad NSS7 EVO3 7" MFD 4G Radar

Simrad NSS7 EVO3 7”MFD
$ 2750
4G Radar Chartplotter Fishfinder Radar Bundle
high-gain 10 Hz GPS GLONASS receiver 


JRC JMA 3300

JRC JMA-3300 Radar system,  Dome  $2750 online price
open array 3.9’  $4,695

• 4kW output effect
• 12-24VDC (60W)
• 4° beam
• 16-48 RPM
• 0,125 - 48nm

Radar for leisure & work boats
10.4” Crystal clear bonded LED screen 
50 AIS & 10 MARPA targets as standard Semi-ConstaView™ at bow-up 2 Guard-Zones
Simple operation, dedicated buttons

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Samyung SMR7200

Price $4825  

The Samyung Marine Radar SMR-7200 is 6kW / 72NM high performance radar with a high resolution 10.4″ LCD color display and dome-type antenna. Zoom-In special target area, overlay with AIS targets. Superior ability to display closed range targets. Marine Radar SMR-7200 displays the parallel line which maintain certain distance between other vessel.

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Sitex T760 Radar

Price $ 1,350

Sitex T760 7" Color Radar with 4KW 18" Dome & 10M Cable # Touchscreen LCD, 18" Radome, 24 nm range, 4KW transmitter. Features 10 target MARPA, AIS (receiver required), guard zone, variable antenna rotation, true/relative motion, north/course/head up, optional VGA output.

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Furuno 1815

Price $1965

Standalone Color Radar, MFG# 1815, 8.4" Color LCD, 4KW 19" Radome, 36 nm., True Trail Mode, Fast Target Tracking, AIS Display (recevier required), Advanced Auto Gain/Sea Clutter. Low power consumption of 38 W 
Fast Target TrackingTM(TT)

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Raymarine RD418HD

Price $ 1,465

RD418HD 4KW 18" Radome w/o cable, MFG# E92142, Hi-Def Digital receiver, 4 KW transmit power, 18" diameter, 48 nm range, 4.9 deg beam width, 256 color presentation, 12 & 24 VDC. Includes radome, hardware and manual. May not work w/ older MFDs.

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JRC JMR 5400  IMO Radar

Best Value Radar.

The new high performance JMR-5400 radar significantly improves short range detection and discrimination of targets presented on high brightness displays with intuitive icon-based operation. The system is running on the latest JRC-designed signal processing technology allowing radar images to effortlessly run faster and more efficiently than ever before. Comes in 10Kw & 25Kw. 6,8 or 12 ft Antenna Array 
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