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Seawater Desalination WatermakerSea Water Desalinization Water MakerIndustrial Reverse Osmosis

  • Ampac-USA Seawater desalination Systems & Equipment are among the finest in the industry.

    With over 15 years of Experience, Ampac-USA Introduce the All New SeaPro™ Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination systems also known as Watermakers for the Marine Industry converting Sea Water to Pure Drinking Water for Yachts and commercial Freightliners worldwide.

    When there’s a need for fresh water in high volume, Ampac-USA Manufacture High Flow LandPro™ Sea Water Desalination Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis Systems for Land Based Applications starting from 1,500 GPD up to 100,000 GPD (Gallons per day) using top quality components. Our systems are delivered complete with all plumbing included ready to produce water immediately after installation.

     Watermaker 100 GPD ( 375 LPD) $ 7,250.00
     Watermaker 200 GPD ( 750 LPD) $ 8,375.00
     Watermaker 300 GPD (1125 LPD) $ 9,050.00
     Watermaker 600 GPD (2270 LPD) $9,950.00
     Watermaker 800 GPD (3000 LPD) $10,575.00
     Watermaker 1000 GPD (3875 LPD) $11,585.00


Amapc USA Reverse Osmosis 30,000 GPD for Brackish Water

  •  AMPAC USA 30,000 GPD (37.85 m³/Day)

    Turnkey System with Optional Features:
    Multimedia GAC Pre-Filter Auto-Backwash Digital Valve
    Scale Blaster Water Wizard
    Sediment Pre-Filters With Auto Flush
    Inlet Solenoid Shut-Off Valve
    Anti-Scalant Dosing System w/Pump, Mixer & Tank
    Grundfos Multi-Stage Jet Booster Pump with Safeguards
    Grundfos Smart on Demand Digital Supply Pump with Flow Control
    8"x80" Filmtec TFC High Rejection Membrane Elements
    GAC Post-Filter System
    Waste Water (Concentrate) Re-circulation Package
    Programmable Log Controller (PLC) for fully Automated Controls
    Programmable Motor Soft Start
    Liquid Filled Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
    Digital Permeate & Concentrate Flow Meters w/Totalizers
    System Pressure Control
    Pressure Fittings Stainless Steel Reinforced
    Quick Disconnect Fittings throughout the unit
    Complete Powder Coated Aluminum Skid with everything Mounted & Strapped for Easy Mobility.

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