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The SSAS regulation that will be put into place as of July 2004, requires ships of over 500 tons to be equipped with an alarm system in order to reinforce ship security. The system allows the crew, in case of danger, to activate an alarm button that automatically sends a message to the ship owner and to competent authorities. The message is sent without being able to be detected by someone on-board or by other ships in the vicinity.  Please Click below to see specific SSAS systems                                 

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Ship Security Alert System

SOLAS Resolution XI-2/6

As piracy and terrorist attacks have increased over the years IMO has defined a set of mandatory requirements in the SOLAS Resolution XI-2/6 to improve security for ships.

The new SOLAS resolution 6 states that the Ship Security Alert System shall provide ships with two alarm buttons, which can be activated in case of a piracy or terrorist attack. The alarm is a covert signal, which will have no sound and no flashing lights so that it is in no way obvious to any intruders on board the ship.

The SOLAS Resolution XI-2/6 requires vessels of +500 GT (Gross Tonnes) constructed before 01 July 2004 to install a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) no later than the first radio survey after 01 July 2004. Other Cargo ships of +500 GT and mobile offshore drilling units constructed before 01 July 2004 must be fitted no later than the first radio survey after 01 July 2006.

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