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Three Stage “Smart” Chargers
Phase Three “Smart” battery charging technology is now available in a wide range of power levels, allowing you to select the right size, features and flexibility you require for virtually any application from small recreational craft to large live-aboards, workboats and other commercial vessels. These chargers interact with batteries to put them through the optimum three stage charge process which provides for fastest recovery and ideal conditioning, maximizing battery performance and extending battery life.

A selector switch adjusts output voltage to adapt for gel-cell/flooded lead-acid/AGM battery types. An optional temperature compensation sensor also adjusts output for ideal voltage based on changes in the batteries' ambient temperature. All models are housed in a rugged stainless steel case, and the internal circuitry is polyurethane coated for maximum corrosion resistance


 PT-7   12 Volts DC 7amps, 2 Banks  $198.50

 PT-14  12 Volts DC 14 amps 3 Banks $295.50

 PT-25  12 Volts DC 25 amps 3 Banks  $350.50

 PT-40  12 Volts DC 40 amps 3 Banks  $520.50

 PT-24-8  24 Volts DC 8 amps 3 Banks  $ 295.50

 PT-24-13  24 Volts DC 13 amps 3 Banks  $362.50

 PT-24-20  24 Volts DC 20 amps 3 Banks  $620.50

 PT-24-40  24 Volts DC 40 amps 3 Banks  $1,055.50


HDM Series

Rugged and reliable ferro-resonant transformer provides high continuous output from a wide AC input range of line voltage. Automatic self-limiting characteristic is ideal for applications with periodic high continuous 24 VDC power requirements, followed by a longer interval of little or no load, allowing for full battery recovery. (For applications requiring high continuous demand coupled with quick recovery capability, use PT-24-40.)

Price $ 665.50


Newmar offers a complete line of High Power DC-AC Inverters with built-in battery chargers.  Ten models are available for use with 12 VDC, 24 VDC, or 32 VDC battery systems and provide continuous rated AC power ranging from 1800 to 4800 watts at 115 VAC, 60 Hz.  The dual voltage models are a new addition to the line, ideal for large yachts and commercial vessels with power requirements for both 115 VAC and 230 VAC equipment.

A Complete Line of High Power DC-AC Inverters with Built-in Battery Chargers

The circuitry of these Inverter/Chargers incorporates a technology which is field-proven and was carefully refined for years in both harsh industrial and sensitive utility applications. Now this rugged design is offered for marine applications where reliability and performance are paramount, and low noise operation has become a critical factor in the boat owner’s choice of power products.


 12-1800IC  115V 60 Hz 4000 Watts(surge) 1800 watts (Cont,) Inverter output           85amps at 12 V  $1920.00

 12-2500IC  115V/60 Hz 5500 ( Surge) Watts  2500 Watts (Cont.)  Inverter output 100amps at 12 V   $2150





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