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(GMDSS)  Price $5,596  with NBDP $8,195



The new JSS-2150 Class A MF/HF radio equipment features an intuitive user interface and advanced modular design that allows for a flexible installation approach in confined spaces.

6-Channel DSC Built-In

The MF/HF has a 6-channel Digital Selective Calling (DSC) as standard with a built-in DSC watch-keeping receiver. You can generate and receive digital selective calls for quick and efficient establishment of distress, urgency, safety and routine communication with other ships and coast stations. In urgent situations, the JSS-2150 sends a distress alert once you press the distress button. The integrated DSC watch-keeping receiver monitors distress alarms through continuous scanning of distress frequencies.

Digital Audio

The MF/HF integrates an advanced digital audio amplifier with a built-in speaker, which increases the amount of power, making your message loud and clear.

Setting Your Settings

The JSS-2150 uses a 3.8-inch high visibility LCD display, which you can adjust at your own convenience. The display has 10 dim settings and you can set the contrast up to 11 different levels, integrated screensaver and assign a commonly used menu to the user key for direct access. These are just a few of the possibilities.

Simple Operation

The compact design of the JSS-2150 incorporates an intuitive interface, providing enhanced ergonomics and user friendliness. The logic of the push buttons and JOG dial operation and excellent on-screen menus will greatly shorten most usersí learning period.

Black Box Configured

The JSS-2150 is black box configured and allows for a flexible installation approach in confined space. Panel, desktop or overhead mounting is possible with this significantly in size reduced MF/HF.

Unified Design

The new display design allows you to carry out all operations simply by using the same unified keyboard layout as found in JRCís VHF radiotelephone. The keyboard is solid and responsive, which allows for precise operation. The keys are also backlit, making it easy to operate in low-light settings on the bridge.

Distress Alerts

The JSS-2150 includes a prominent distress button, with features to prevent accidental activation. When in distress, you can send a DSC message instantly, transmitting your MMSI, position, time of position and nature of distress, enabling an immediate response for search and rescue efforts.



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