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  JRC S-VDR, & VDR Systems 

JCY-1800S-VDR $15,525 /

JYC-1850 VDR  $29,225


JRCís fully IMO compliant JCY-1800 VDR incorporates the latest advancements in technology, utilizing an industry standard capsule and provides durability and improved safety at sea.


JRC includes intuitive playback-software that also incorporates real-time monitoring functionality on the user PC. The data acquired can be displayed in both graphical and numerical format. Standard CSV (Comma Separated Values) data conversion enables easy and efficient exchange of information to shore e.g. via email. In addition, the playback-software is an ideal tool for crew training. Its ease of use and the freedom to survey a range of scenarios enhances the userís navigation skills.


Black Box Design

Mount the black-box in a location where it is convenient to make all the necessary interfacing. The separate operation panel can be located on the bridge for easy access to status and alarm information.

Dedicated Industrial Operating System

The JCY-1800 VDR uses a highly reliable industrial operating system. The use of this unique software guarantees a stable operating environment to assist the mariner in a safer nautical future.

L3 Capsule

L3 is one of the main suppliers of flight recorders to the aircraft industry. They have proven themselves in the VDR market and are the worldwide leader in VDR technology. L3 delivers one of the smallest and lightest VDR capsules in the market. This hardened, high-capability data recorder utilizes the latest advancements in technology, providing the best value VDR in the maritime industry.



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