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Starting @ Only $15,680 (JAN-701B-SOO)



The JAN-701B is a newly developed multi-functional ECDIS. It is ergonomically designed to enhance the working environment and man/machine interfaces, providing continuous position and navigational safety information.

Radar Overlay

The JRC JAN-701B offers practical radar usage with ECDIS, more than just overlaying a rough radar image. The radar image has a high resolution when interfaced with JRC radars. The radar image does not hide the priority objects of vector charts, but overlays them on the radar image. At the same time, brilliance and clutter controls of the radar images continues to be operable.

AIS Targets

The AIS is an important key device used to indicate AIS target symbol and information on the ECDIS. These targets are very useful, as it provides the maneuvering conditions of other ships at a glance, allowing for safe and effective navigation. The name of the vessels, and bearing, range, speed, length, heading and much more AIS target specifics from other ships are received and displayed. The AIS symbols are continuously displayed on-screen without the influence of the radar characteristics. The AIS targets are never shielded by ground, rain or cloud reflections, nor are they eliminated by adjustments of anti-sea or anti-rain clutter.

Also, it is easy to active, deactivate and switch between AIS target symbols. This simply can be done with an integrated AIS filter, prioritising the targets within a dedicated area.


Multiple and wide screen viewing is possible with the new JAN-701B. You can divide the chart screen into two sections, in which the same or different charts can be displayed, in a mixture of ways. In this field of view, it provides a ‘look-ahead’ capability, especially useful in coastal areas. With the wide screen view function, an additional screen in the display area, showing a segment of the chart, allows viewing at a glance.

Conning and External Sensors

You can easily connect a wide range of navigation equipment to acquire more information. The ECDIS will display exactly the info you need in a clear, uncluttered format, reducing the risk of accidents. This results in a more relaxing and secure operation. Even equipment from different manufacturers can be incorporated.

Advanced Route Planning

The advanced nature of JRC’s new ECDIS system allows route planning in different ways. Either plan your route by using the table editor, while displaying current waypoint or graphically draw your next waypoint on the chart. Editing the route is just as simple as inserting. Dedicated menus are readily available to assist the mariner in effective route planning. Not only can you save the routes, but import favorite or commonly used files, even from previously ECDIS models, using industry-standard CSV format.During the voyage, you can add an alternative route, which can be displayed simultaneously. You can move, insert, add and delete waypoints instantly and easily exchange the alternative route with route in progress, at your own convenience.

Editing the User Maps

The JAN-701B provides a rich suite of objects which you single-handedly can enter, move, insert and add on user maps. The objects consist of symbols, lines, areas and texts. From buoys to buildings and harbor to seabed signals, JRC’s new ECDIS has a total of over 40 categories and 30 sub-categories, which include more than 250 graphics readily available for endless possibilities. The user map is linked to the chart, and even if there are multiple user maps, you can easily select or merge.

A few examples

Track and Time Label

The vessels’ primary position is saved with a minimum interval of three seconds, and the tracking period on the chart is displayed up to 24 hours. Conveniently mark your past track, choosing out of seven colors, eight tracking periods, ten time intervals and eight nautical mile presets.

Man Overboard

Some items could strike you on the vessel, a slippery deck or unexpected movements of the vessel are situations in which a person may possibly fall of the vessel. The JAN-701B integrates a single-press Man OverBoard (MOB) operation. Instantly, a dedicated symbol arises on the screen, providing a range detailed info such as positioning, bearing, range and time till arriving at MOB. This emergency system enables immediate and accurate search and rescue efforts.


Power Requirements: 100 / 110 VAC, 200 / 230 VAC, 350VA

C-map CM93-3 e-token is standard supply for JAN-701B.





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